Today's Machismo and Manscaping

It's true - waxing isn't just for girls these days aa‚¬" more and more are visiting waxing salons for hairless chests, backs, buttox and noses. Some men are even going hairless from the neck down, referred to as a male bikini wax, a male Brazilian, a Manzilian, a Brozilian or a Boyzilian. Is manscaping for you?

You don't have to have an immediate answer. But that's a sign you should take a little risk. That's the masculine response aa‚¬" just do it. Put it on a must-do list, in fact. Look sexy and feel good.

Let's start with an easy one: the eyebrow wax. It has been something for the ladies only, but this eyebrow wax is now common for guys. Well-shaped and trimmed eyebrows can enhance your natural features and bone structure, and the waxed man brow is attractive to ladies.

Noses and ears are up next. As men get older, they grow thicker and denser hair aa‚¬" not so much for the manes, though. When it's emerging out noses and ears, you might look a little barbaric. Or worse. Get that spurt of hair into place with waxing, or resort to the tweezers and trimmers. Get a lasting, smooth look, I recommend the waxing option.

Just be aware: skip waxing the facial cheeks and chin! This masculine hair is very thick like fur. Don't try for the skinned kitty look. You should probably instead stick to a regular shave or get pampered with a straight-razor experience. Sometimes you can find wax salons that specialize in the perfect shave.

Body hair has a new reputation. Now, the amount and grooming of body hair more relevant, say the best waxers at brazilian male waxing Millcreek, ut.

It's time to slide down the happy trail for a second. If you want to reach the highest echelons of male hotness, head to So. Cal. Male celebrities do things like waxing the hip bones to add to the appearance of slimness while leaving a happy trail to make musculature. To really drip with masculinity, the movie stars opt for the full-body wax. And here's a tip aa‚¬" with all the furriness down there absent, you can show off the whole kit and kaboodle.

If you haven't ever been to a waxing salon, you should. It's sexy and pretty painless. The no-hair look might just be the bucket list item that you go for again and again.